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Resources for Postpartum Women, Mothers and Families.

Postparum Progress
Postpartum Support International

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Blog with information about postpartum depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Provides support for mothers with free resources and a list of providers in each state who specialize in prenatal and postpartum mental health services. 

From the website: 'The purpose of the organization is to increase awareness among public and professional communities about the emotional changes that women experience during pregnancy and postpartum.' Provides free information and educational materials to mothers and families who are experiencing mood and anxiety disorders related to pregnancy and the postpartum period.
Local Resources
This Isn't what I Expected  by Karen Kleiman LCSW and Valerie Raskin MD

Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts  by Karen Kleiman and Amy Wenzel

Therapy and the Postpartum Woman  by Karen Kleiman

The Postpartum Husband   by Karen Kleiman

Belly Bliss -Prenatal and Postpartum yoga, support, and childbirth classes

The Mama'hood -Pregnancy and Parent-related clases, yoga classes, support

Postpartum Support Internation-Colorado Chapter- Local resources, hotlines, list of support groups, etc.