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Supportive Counseling Services for Pregnant Women and Mothers,
Improving Maternal Mental Health and Wellness.

This is not what you envisioned. Motherhood wasn't supposed to be like this. But now you're here, you're 'in it', and it feels overwhelming. You don't know where to turn, because everwhere you look, the message from society and perhaps people in your own life is, "cherish every moment' or 'they grow up so fast'. Yet you find youself spiraling with never ending worry, sadness, guilt, anger, and stress, unsure where to turn or how to feel better. 

NEWSFLASH-You are NOT ALONE! Many women and parents feel this way, we just don't talk about it (really talk about it) and we sure don't support mothers and fathers the way we should as a society. 1 in 7 women will develop a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder like postpartum depression or anxiety. While it is not normal to feel this way, is is VERY common. The good news is, that with professional help, you WILL GET BETTER. 

I welcome you to contact me today to discuss your concerns and ask me questions. I will help you get the help you need to start feeling better. I support prenatal women, postpartum women, and women with young children who are struggling and not feeling like themselves.

Call me today to find out if we are a good fit. If I am not a good fit, I will help you find someone who is. I want to ensure you get the help you need. 
​​Signs and Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety:

You feel overwhelmed, like you can't handle even the little things
You feel angry and irritable much of the time, you have no patience
You feel sad or disconnected from you baby, partner, others 
You feel emptiness
You feel hopeless, like your situation will never get better. 
You aren't eating enough or are eating too much
You can't concentrate
Your thoughts are racing
You can't sleep
You feel worried
You are having scary thoughts about your baby or yourself getting hurt and you want them to stop, but can't make them go away
You have physical symptoms: stomach ache, headaches, nausea, shakiness
You feel the need to check things constantly

You might be experiencing a few or many of these things. There is no 'one size fits all'. 

​For more information on these symptoms and others: 

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